Oti Region’s Leader in Sustainable Palm Oil Production
Empowering Economic Potential in the Oti Region
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Welcome to Volta Red Ltd.

Volta Red, is an innovative venture committed to advancing sustainable palm oil cultivation and production in the Oti Region of Ghana. Our dynamic approach focuses on investing in the region and fostering collaborative partnerships with local oil palm farmers. Through these initiatives, we aim to contribute to the enhancement of the nation’s palm oil production by leveraging local resources and empowering the community, ultimately reducing dependency on imports.

Our Mission

Volta Red Ltd is dedicated to producing high-quality palm oil products for the West African market, ensuring sustainability through cultivation on our plantations and meticulous processing in our own mill. Our mission extends beyond business, aiming to bring employment and opportunities to the people of the Oti Region.

Our Vision

To create sustainable and professional oil palm cultivation and processing in the Oti Region. We aim to bring major economic and social benefits to local communities and contribute to Oti Region becoming self-sufficient in oil palm.



Volta Red oversees two plantations in Oti  Region, obtaining the Ata Kofi estate in 2012 (41 hectares) planted under the President’s Special Initiative (PSI) scheme. In late 2013, the Brewaniase  estate (3,750 hectares) was acquired, with 2,050 hectares presently under cultivation.

Processing Mill

Since May 2013, Volta Red’s oil palm processing mill in Ghana’s Oti Region, Kedjebi District, has seen substantial capacity upgrades, now handling 13 tonnes per hour with a 19.5% extraction rate. The advanced technology utilized is designed and manufactured in Malaysia.

Corporate Responsibily

In 2014, Volta Red established the Volta Red
Foundation, contributing $25k as seed capital,
invested by IC Securities, to create a permanent
endowment for educating girls in the Oti
Region, promoting secondary education, further studies, and medical access.

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