Crude Oil Processing


Professional Processing

In order to create a market for the local farmers we decided to build our own processing mill adjacent to the Ata Kofi estate. The mill was designed and manufactured in the UK and uses the very latest technology. Fully operational since May 2013 the mill was initially is capable of processing 1 tonne of fruit per hour but this has now been expanded to 2 tonnes per hour. As we build to full capacity the mill will produce 1800 tonnes of CPO and 200 tonnes of KPO annually.

Processing Diagram2


Expanding our Processing Capacity with a New 10tph Mill As the palms on our estates mature so FFB yields will increase which will mean that we need to increase our processing capacity. Our forecasts predict that our current 2tph mill will be at capacity by the end of 2015. With that in mind the company will install a new 10tph commercial mill on the Brewaniaese estate thereby giving the company a total capacity of 12 tonnes of FFB per hour by the end of 2016.