Fully integrated production

Since entering the market in 2012 the company has made major investments in both oil palm plantations and a palm oil processing. We are making significant investments into a local farmer Out-Grower scheme to help local farmers improve their returns and thereby raise their living standards.


Volta Red operates three plantations in the upper Volta Region.

  • Ata Kofi Estate – 112 ha of mature palms
  • Pepesu Estate – 500 ha of land suitable for oil palm plantation
  • Brewaniaese Estate – 3,750 ha of land (2,050 ha planted).



Processing plant

In order to create a market for the local farmers we decided to build our own processing mill adjacent to the Ata Kofi estate. The mill was designed and manufactured in the UK and uses the very latest technology. Fully operational since May 2013 the mill was initially capable of processing 1 tonne of fresh fruit bunches per hour with an extraction rate of 18%. Due to rapidly increasing demand, in 2014 we doubled mill capability to 2 tonnes per hour. As we build to full capacity the mill will produce 1,800  tonnes of CPO and 200 tonnes of KPO annually.