In 2014 the company established the Volta Red Foundation and has contributed $25k seed capital to the fund. This money has been invested by IC Securities ( who are an Africa-focused investment banking and securities firm, serving sovereign, institutional  and corporate clients.The Volta Red Foundation is committed to raising more funds to meet their aim of setting up a permanent endowment that can be used for educating girls in the Volta Region in perpetuity.

The Foundation’s objectives are two-fold:

  • Educating local girls and encouraging them to complete secondary school thereby giving them the opportunity to go on to university. We want to give the local girls the opportunity to be the best they can be
  • Investing in and improving the access local people have to medical facilities

The Foundation’s main aim is to encourage young girls to stay in school and to go on with further education after graduating. In order to meet this objective the Foundation will fund the secondary education of four girls for the four years of secondary education, adding four new girls each year until it has a total of sixteen girls in school covering all four years of secondary education. As the four in their final year graduate so four new ones will start in the first year, and so it will repeat.

The Foundation has, through local chiefs, selected four girls starting this academic year and will pay for their secondary education until graduation and will help them in seeking further education after leaving school.

Two prominent Ghanaians who were born in the area, and as such are excellent role models of what can be achieved by staying in education, and who are now working in Accra, have agreed to serve on the Foundation’s board to help the Foundation meet its objectives.

In addition to this Volta Red sponsored 4 local girls to attend a course held by the African Institute of Maths and Science at Cape Coast University in August 2014. The Ghana Maths Camp provides a unique opportunity for students in Ghana to have their eyes opened to the world of mathematics. Students spent the week learning new and exciting mathematics taught by a team of local and overseas volunteer maths educators, teachers and lecturers. The aim is to encourage the students to appreciate and enjoy mathematics. Specific aims include:

  • Develop problem solving skills through mathematical activities, games and puzzles.
  • Experience a computer based environment with the latest mathematical software.
  • Meet mathematics teachers, lecturers and researchers from Ghana and beyond.
  • Discover ways mathematics is being used in the world today, by looking at current research.

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