An integrated and sustainable approach to palm oil

Volta Red is a young and innovative business with a unique approach to the development of sustainable palm oil cultivation and production in the Volta Region of Eastern Ghana. Since entering the market in 2012 we have made major investments in both oil palm plantations and oil palm processing. In just two years we have introduced a truly integrated and sustainable approach to high quality, pure red palm oil production, and become an important component of the local economy. Our aim is that our continued development will be a key driver in helping the Volta Region to realise its economic potential and a significant beneficiary of the huge growth in demand of fast moving consumer goods.

An African solution to an African problem

Although oil palm is indigenous to Ghana and an important food source, local production is primarily by low yield smallholders. As a result Ghana is a net importer of palm oil, which poses two big problems, an inflated local cost price and a missed economic development opportunity. Volta Region is at an even greater disadvantage due to the lack of a professional local oil palm processing facility.


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… to create sustainable and professional oil palm cultivation and processing in the Volta Region. We aim to bring major economic and social benefits to local communities and contribute to Volta Region becoming self-sufficient in oil palm.


A positive strategy for all

Volta Red’s strategy is to build an integrated and sustainable oil palm business in the Volta Region.

At the core of the strategy is the determination to create a successful outgrower programme encouraging and assisting local farmers to grow their own oil palms whilst also providing them with a market for their fruit

Responsible objectives

We take our corporate responsibilities very seriously and we are working toward achieving the following objectives:
  • The development of a successful and sustainable oil palm business that encourages, supports and assists the local farmers to increase their own production and thereby raising the living standards of their communities
  • Investment in a factory, plant, infrastructure and services in the locality
  • Creation of long term employment for the local population
  • Help in educating and developing personal skills in the community
  • Working and investing directly in the young through the Volta Red Foundation
  • Use of local resources to supply the regional market

Community involvement

Community involvement is fundamental to the Volta Red approach. We take great care to engage effectively with the local landowner and oil palm farming communities to ensure there is a real benefit to them from our activities. We do this by funding a number of community initiatives, and helping local farmers to achieve better yields by sharing our experience in the latest planting and husbandry techniques and by encouraging the implementation of best practice.